Pragati Plast Drums and ContainersWe offer a wide variety of disposable glasses in various shapes and colors and textures. They can be made in both - double and single colors with option of multicolour printing on the outside surface. They are used for packaged lassi, cold drinks, juices and other hot and cold beverages for marriages, parties, functions etc. Code Name Rim Diameter Volume Raw Material Height Details
1 G-200-82-PS-055 82MM 200ML HIPS/PP 76MM Shaped 200ML glass
2 G-250-80-PP-CL-030 80MM 250ML PP 92MM Regular 250ML Transparent Glass
3 G-250-80-PP-DC-038 80MM 250ML PP 92MM Fancy 250ML Textured Glass
4 G-250-80-PP-RW-045 80MM 250ML PP 92MM Double Color 250ML Glass
5 G-250-80-PS-050 80MM 250ML HIPS 92MM Regular 250ML Single Color Glass
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