Product Testing

Our manufacturing unit is equipped with all testing facilities. Our entire range of products conform to IS:6312 and UN standards. Specific UN approvals can be obtained on request.

Tests carried at our plant

Weight is checked immediately after production. Permitted weight is within specified limit for the product.

Drop Test

This test is carried out to ensure that product is not breaking or bursting during transport. Containers are filled with dummy material (water or a mixture of sand and sawdust) up to the required weight and caps / lids are closed. The containers are then dropped from a height as specified by the standards. The containers are dropped at various angles so as to ensure that under no circumstances they break if they fall during transportation

Stack Test

The containers are filled with dummy material and are stacked one on top of the other. They are kept for more than 48 hours to see if there is any deformation or buckling in the walls of the containers.

Dimension Test

Dimensions of the product are checked to make sure they are within specified limit


Thickness of the final product is checked to ensure the product thickness is according to the standard.

Leak Test

The containers are filled with water and rolled on the sides, put upside down and are checked for leakage.

Pressure Test

The containers are sealed and air is filled under pressure through a hole made for the test. A pressure gauge is put to see any drop in pressure due to leakage of air through closures, cap or gaskets.

Hydro Test

Product is filled with water up to the top, pre-determined pressure is applied and maintained to check if walls are stretching and leakage from any point. Under this test product should not leak from anywhere.